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JakeI have been successfully treating patients for 20 years - specializing in allergy treatment, musculoskeletal pain, gastrointestinal disorders and migraines/headaches. Over the years, I have developed very efficient protocols to successfully treat these disorders. My goal in treatment is to get rapid, significant and lasting results while providing a comfortable experience. If you have any questions concerning your particular health concerns, you may feel free to either call or email me so that I can provide you with a preliminary assessment. As with the thousands of past patients, I think that you will find that the individualized treatments will provide you with the confidence that you desire in healthcare – confidence based on medical results without side-effects. More Here...

Client Feedback

"I’ve been thrilled at the way Jake Avancena has helped calm down inflammation from arthritis and tendonitis. It’s wonderful to have that relief without the negative side effects of medications. The intense and deep relaxation from every treatment is a huge bonus!"   - C.J. Arlington, Virginia


"I’ve had amazing success with Jake. I’ve had back problems for a long time and I’ve tried physical therapy etc. with no success. I’ve seen significant improvement in a very short time. Thanks!"   - Tana, Reston, Virginia


Jake is a wonderful person and acupuncturist. Our family regards him highly. I have recommended many of our friends to Jake and the feedback I have gotten is that they are equally as pleased.

- Teri Cochrane, Reston, Virginia


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